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What We Solve for Organizations

  • 68% of employees are disengaged at a cost to US corporations of over $550 billion per year in lost productivity.

How do leaders today solve this?

  • Millennials in the workplace will go from 36% today to 62% in 2020.

How can leaders capture their attention and build the culture for them to thrive?

  • Organizations that focus on Talent Acquisition and Development outperform those that do not by 45%.

How do leaders attract and develop the best talent leading to superior, sustainable results?

  • 10/80/10 rule – how do leaders impact the 80% to higher levels of engagement, productivity and retention?

What would this do for profitability?

  • Acquiring new clients/customers at a profit is the #1 challenge for organizations.

How can leaders take advantage of modern forms of automation to generate targeted referrals?

  • Proper capitalization is key to drive survivability and the accelerated growth that command high valuations.

What is your winning strategy?

Our Specialties Include

Leadership Development

Today’s leader’s need to be equipped with not only the basic competencies that transcend generations and industries, but new skills that address the need of today’s modern consumers, and employees. Let us show you the way.

Talent Acquisition

Hiring top talent is a make or break decision. If the right fit is achieved, magic can happen. Wrong choices lead to major disruptions at best, and threaten survival at worst. Our expert partners can help you get it right.

Business Development

Productivity improvements do not happen by accident. It starts with a clear understanding of the key drivers, a focus on what matters, and a sustainable execution plan. We know what it takes, we have done it many times, and we want to help you do it.

Private Equity Consulting

Talent and Capital are arguably the most valuable resources for any organization. Whether you are interested in developing and implementing a capitalization strategy, or if you would like help with a Merger or Acquisition – we have answers and resources for you.

""Bringing Peter Velardi into our leadership development process turned out to be one of the best decisions we have made. Peter blends real world experience and years of successful results to deliver a relevant program for teams of any size. He quickly identified the specific needs and desires of our group and customized his approach. This led to full engagement and meaningful development of our leaders."

− Vic Macchio, Founder & CEO, Dinova

"“Hats off to the authors of the piece on leadership and the coming transition to where 'millennials' will represent 60% + of America's workforce, and this foretells a lot about the coming shortfall in leadership talent available, particularly in healthcare. It is a key issue for all hospitals today, and was succinctly put and well-presented by the folks at Velardi Group LLC” "

− CEO Major Hospital System

"“The Velardi Group coaching program has been a home run for us. Peter Velardi and his team of resources has helped us dramatically increase revenue each year while preparing our firm for higher valuation for our succession plan. I would highly recommend that any size firm consider using them.”
- "

− Chris Aufleger, Aufleger & Associates

Organizations we and our partners have served include: