About The Velardi Group

Our Beliefs Include:

  • We believe in possibilities – we help people and organizations unlock human potential
  • We believe in Pareto’s Law – we help leaders focus on the 20% that drive the 80%
  • We believe in our partners and our collective experience- in most case we have over 20 years of successful experience working together

•  We believe any LD program should include:

  • Vision – end state, everyone is a leader
  • Strategy – talent assessment and development, LD programs
  • Goals – business goals, individual goals, goal achievement process
  • Roles – who does what?
  • Processes – how does it get done and executed
  • Relationships – communication strategy, team effectiveness, culture

• We believe in developing core leadership competencies:

  • Thought Leadership – thinking strategically, driving innovation
  • Results Leadership – driving business results, accountability, focus on client
  • People Leadership – building talent, working through others, managing change
  • Relationship Leadership – maximizing relationships, building trust, clarity of communication

•  We believe in having an engagement process:

  • Discover – understand organizational needs
  • Educate – discuss possibilities
  • Refine – determine priorities
  • Define – tailored program
  • Execute – structure and schedule

Why The Velardi Group, LLC:

  • 30+ years of successful experience developing top performing leaders, teams, and organizations
  • Deep team of best in class content experts and partners
  • Flexible, customizable, value pricing based on needs and budgets


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