"Hats off to the authors of the piece on leadership and the coming transition to where 'millennials' will represent 60% + of America's workforce, and this foretells a lot about the coming shortfall in leadership talent available, particularly in healthcare. It is a key issue for all hospitals today, and was succinctly put and well-presented by the folks at Velardi Group LLC"

− CEO Major Hospital System

"Peter has a great combination of extraordinary personal success leading literally thousands of advisors and sales professionals and hundreds of leaders in his previous organization. He has deep leadership development techniques and experience to leverage from someone who has built and run the organization you are looking to build. He demonstrates high impact communication to drive results, and real world practical methods to increase results from recruiting, revenue, referrals, retention, and a unique ability to know what you are going to need for your own personal growth to take your business to the next level"

− Michael McAdam, CEO, McAdam Financial Group (ING)

"Bringing Peter Velardi into our leadership development process turned out to be one of the best decisions we have made. Peter blends real world experience and years of successful results to deliver a relevant program for teams of any size. He quickly identified the specific needs and desires of our group and customized his approach. This led to full engagement and meaningful development of our leaders"

− Vic Macchio, Founder & CEO, Dinova – Former American Express Executive

"Peter Velardi has been an incredible mentor and guide for me in my professional career. His incredible integrity and honesty has helped me navigate through some very difficult situations. He is amazing in the way he listens, analyzes, and dissects a problem and then partners with me to find the best solution. His leadership Training provided tremendous value to our teams of sales professionals and executives.

Bottom line, Peter’s coaching service has provided me with perfect advice at the right time. I have turned around and utilized that advice in my career, and every time it was very useful."

− Nick Navarro, VP Global Sales, Bacterin

"The Velardi Group coaching program has been a home run for us. Peter Velardi and his team of resources has helped us dramatically increase revenue each year while preparing our firm for higher valuation for our succession plan. I would highly recommend that any size firm consider using them."

− Chris Aufleger, Aufleger & Associates

"I have known Peter for a long time. His knowledge of marketing, people development, sales management and strategic planning make him a tremendous asset to any organization.

He gets results and is very wise.

I can't recommend him highly enough."

− Tom Endersbe, CFP

"Financial Advisor at Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Aufleger & Associates
I am currently working with Peter to help me with my business. He cuts right to the chase on what you need to do to be successful and get to the next level. Tremendous motivator and coach

− Randy Aufleger

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Peter, a great leader, skillful decision maker, and thoughtful motivator. Peter and I worked together on many projects and I appreciate his ability to set expectations, provide necessary resources (including himself), and foster an environment for growth within his leaders; while also allowing room for learning. Peter expects a high level of performance and commitment, as high as those that I found in the military, which undoubtedly motivates anyone around him to further succeed.

However, what sets Peter apart isn't his constant strive for excellence, but his concerted effort to always improve. Peter introduced me to the Montessori approach to learning, which resulted in a mutually beneficial relationship of continual improvement and problem solving techniques. Peter loves to make it happen, set goals and exceed them, constantly improve himself, and most importantly, motivate others around him to strive to do better. I unequivocally recommend Peter Velardi as a tremendous value add as a leader to any type of business, organization, or team."

− Chris Barber - Technology Executive, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur

"I have participated in a number of coaching and leadership development programs. I have never experienced one as profoundly impactful as working with Peter Velardi. He is an unlimited library of knowledge, success models and practical ways to become more effective and impactful as a leader. Working with him has helped me think big, drive superior results, and challenge myself to grow."

− John T. Laurito, CFP, ChFC, CRPC President & CEO Concord Wealth Management